Top 4 Cases for Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Ah, to be able to type properly without having to sweep your finger on your iPad’s screen, and not have to deal with autocorrect! Wouldn’t you prefer to have a keyboard available to go with your Apple devices? If you are a blogger, a student, a writer, or a journalist, you know it is way easier to type on a QWERTY keyboard than work around the touchscreen of your Apple device to input massive amounts of text.

Your Apple Magic Keyboard is an investment, and as such, you will want to protect it. Whether it’s a spilled drink, crumbs from your favorite muffin or just dust, keeping it covered will avoid the worst. And if you take your keyboard with you when you are on-the-go, it’s even more important to have the proper case to keep it safe.

Additionally, you will probably want your carrying case to be reliable, durable, made of high-quality materials and, if possible, awesome looking. There are several options out there for you to choose from:

1 – Masino Neoprene Apple Keyboard Sleeve Case



Masino Neoprene Apple Keyboard Sleeve Case

This soft case is made of neoprene, and it provides nice padding that will protect your keyboard from breakage when you stow it away in your backpack or laptop bag. The inner lining is soft to avoid scratches. It perfectly fits different keyboard models such as the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, the Anker Bluetooth Keyboard, and the BATTOP Bluetooth Keyboard. The double handled zipper allows for easy insertion and removal, keeping your keyboard from slipping out the case. Keep in mind that this is a soft case, so you will have to make sure that your keyboard is off before storing it, or the accidental pushing of buttons will drain the battery.

Since it is made of neoprene, the case can be washed without fear of discoloring or deformation. Neoprene is a versatile and environmentally safe material, so you will have a non-toxic and wear resistant case for your money. Also, it’s waterproof and super lightweight, making this case a great option if you always carry your keyboard with you.

2 – Tuff-Luv Sleeve Case for Apple Magic Bluetooth Keyboard 2



Tuff-Luv Sleeve Case for Apple Keyboard

 This case was dreamt and designed for the elegant and stylish Apple user. Tuff-Luv cases are built to fit like a second skin, and they use materials of the highest quality and the best practices of the industry to manufacture the best products. Their faith in their products is so high that their cases come with a lifetime guarantee.

This sleeve case is made with high-quality faux leather, and it will completely protect your Apple wireless keyboard from scratches and scuffs while looking classy and elegant. The case will keep your keyboard snugly protected, to avoid slippage, and the secure Tuff-Flap will ensure that it doesn’t come out. Also, since it is a hard case, it will keep the buttons of your keyboard from being pushed, which will help you save batteries.

3 – Tuff-Luv Herringbone Tweed Travel Case for Apple accessories


Tuff-Luv Herringbone Tweed Travel Case

 This beautiful and elegant tweed case was specifically designed to hold together all your Apple Magic Accessories 1 or 2 – the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. Its soft and plush inner lining will absorb any impacts that come its way, protecting your accessories from any harm, and will keep them safe from scuffs and scratches. It has extra storage room in the form of a pocket for you to carry cords, chargers or others.

It comes with a full zipper that allows you to open the case completely, which makes storing and taking out your accessories an easy task, and keeping them properly stashed away while you are on the move.

As with other Tuff-Luv products, you will get a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

4 – Cosmos Neoprene Carrying Protection Sleeve Case



Cosmos Neoprene Carrying Protection Case for Apple Accessories

 Another soft neoprene case, this stylish and fun travel case will fit your Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse, keeping them all together while you are on the move. Convenient, isn’t it? It’s also washable, waterproof and soft, keeping your accessories safe from dust, crumbs, liquids and other agents.

The double zipper will keep everything neatly stored, so you will be sure that nothing will slip out of its place. Also, there are two separate compartments, allowing you to store your Magic Mouse and your Magic Trackpad separately, and an extra front pocket gives you more space for cords, chargers, and extra stuff.

There you have them, four excellent and very different case choices for you to carry and protect your Apple Magic Keyboard. Between the varied styles and materials, you will surely find the perfect match to suit you. If you are interested in seeing other keyboard or mouse models make sure to check out our selection.


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