Top 3 Best Accessories for your Apple Magic Keyboard

You’ve now got your hands on the beautiful Apple Magic Keyboard. It’s Bluetooth, wireless, ultra-light, and it works magically with your Mac. The keys are smooth, the color is pure and the Bluetooth makes it easy to move and adjust in your workspace.

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It looks slick and you feel good! You could now start typing your life away or… you could get the best out of your new keyboard with these three cool accessories:

1 – Masino Ultra-thin Silicone Keyboard Skin

I get it, white has class, but there is nothing wrong with pimping your desk a bit. Masino makes these colored and fun keyboard skins, made of extra slim, soft and washable silicone to inject a bit of originality in your keyboard. You can choose a wide range of colors but our favorite stays the rainbow gradient one.


Masino Rainbow Gradient Keyboard Skin

In case you wonder, the silicone is non-corrosive, non-toxic and heat-resistant. It’ll also remove the irritable noise of typing on keys and protect your keyboard from dust and wear. Don’t you want to start typing uncontrollably on all these beautiful colored keys? I do!

2 – Cosmos Protection Sleeve Case Bag

After all, the Apple Magic Keyboard is an expensive item so it would be a shame to damage it over time. The Cosmos Protection Sleeve Case Bag will make sure no harm will be done on your keyboard and will protect it from scratches and dust.


Cosmos Neoprene Carrying Protection Sleeve Case Bag

The Cosmos case has a velcro closure and a pocket for your USB cables, making it practical to transport your keyboard charging cable. It also has the space to transport comfortably your Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Trackpad, making it the perfect travel accessory with your laptop.

3 – iSkelter Apple Station

Picture this: you’re on the move, laptop in hands and you need to get some work done – you love your Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad but you’re not always in places where it’s convenient enough to use them. Not with the iSkelter Apple Station! Comfortably work anywhere and use your keyboard and trackpad on this nice accessory.


iSkelter Apple Station

This top quality station, made of premium light bamboo, is cut to fit perfectly your Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. You can put the station on your legs or on any surface and nothing will slip. I can hear your wrists already saying  ‘thank you’.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed these and for more Apple accessories, check out our Apple Shop.


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