Top 3 Apple Watch Charging Docks Under $100

A new digital revolution has recently started with watches. A few years ago it was computers, then mobile phones, then books and now watches. These new little ‘gadgets’ are slowly becoming a part of our digital lifestyle; hours, minutes, seconds are not just it anymore; now you swipe through emails, you get app notifications and you track your fitness routine.

Apple is leading the way in this revolution with the Apple Watch: a stylish accessory that we can still consider a ‘jewelry’ piece. With a state of the art digital screen and a wide range of straps, your wrist ends up wearing something quite unique.


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But with any power-hungry technology, battery time is critical. This is why we’ve selected three, highly rate, charging docks under $100. Whenever you travel, sleep or any moment when you don’t want to wear your Apple Watch, leave it on one of these docking stations and it’ll charge away!

1 – Sena Leather Charging Watch Case



Sena Leather Chargin Watch Case

This beautiful charging dock will potentially follow you everywhere: made of leather, this dock is the perfect accessory to go with your Apple watch. It can be used as a travel case with its magnetic closure lid for easy transport wherever you go. It’s compatible with any Apple Watch straps and works with NightStand mode.

2 – Native Union Dock for Apple Watch



Native Union Dock for Apple Watch

With this dock, you choose the optimum angle in order to see your watch properly. Whether you are in bed, sitting on your desk or walking around, you will be able to see the screen thanks to its rotating arm. You can also use the dock horizontally as well as vertically.  And yes, it’s compatible with NightStand mode.

3 – Belkin Valet Charge Dock



Belkin Valet Charge Dock

This Belkin stand can discreetly sit on your desk and charge your watch efficiently through its integrated magnetic charger. With a flexible metal chrome armrest, you can easily change its angle to get an optimal screen display. The white polished base will give your watch stability and style your overall desk settings.

Thank you for reading, check out all of our Apple Watch Accessories.


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