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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her under £10 – Our Folksy Edit

‘Secret Santa’ is one of the easiest and most popular traditions during the holidays, played by families, friends, and co-workers all over the world. And it’s no wonder since it truly catches the essence of the season: sharing and caring! But, even though the game should be fun and relaxed, you could feel a bit […]

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10 Best Travel-To-Work Accessories in 2017

2017 is right around the corner and we’ve seen a great variety of items and accessories for your home and office this past year, some of them elegant and classy, others funny and extravagant, and all of them highly practical. This time we bring you our list of favourite travel accessories we found to enter the […]

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6 iPad Air 2 accessories you can’t miss in 2016

Yes we get it, it’s almost 2017 – but I guess better late than never. The iPad Air 2 being one of the latest creation of Apple, it took us some times to find a good selection of accessories to go with it. Here’s our edit of great accessories to have with it in 2016, hopefully, […]

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Back to School: 7 Quirky Things To Bring To Your Office

Summer holidays are over and it’s Back to School season. For the rest of us, back to work! And nothing is worse than having a messy desk or work area and lacking the necessary supplies when you need to be focused and do your job. Having a beautiful office area where you can focus and feel comfortable […]

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Top 4 Cases for Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Ah, to be able to type properly without having to sweep your finger on your iPad’s screen, and not have to deal with autocorrect! Wouldn’t you prefer to have a keyboard available to go with your Apple devices? If you are a blogger, a student, a writer, or a journalist, you know it is way […]

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The 5 best headphones for sound quality and bass in 2016

Finding the perfect pair of headphones can be quite a hassle, but it is so rewarding when you can sit back and relax while listening to music. We covered the essentials about headphones and earphones in another article – this is our selection of the best 2016 headphones for sound quality and bass.   What […]

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Top 6 Ergonomic And Gaming Mouse For Your Computer

If you have a computer or a laptop, chances are you use a mouse. It’s one of the most common pieces of technology we use in our daily lives and it can be simple.. or as complex as you need it to be. Choosing the right mouse for you can help avoid harming your wrist, […]

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6 Fantastic Laptop Stands For Your Desk

Whether you have it at your home, at your office or if you are always on the go, if you own a laptop, you should know there are several reasons to use a laptop stand. Laptops are not supposed to be a stationary tool, and due to that, their design is less than ergonomic. Laptop […]

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8 Color-Changing Lamps For Your Desk

Natural light is definitely the best for your health but unfortunately, the sun doesn’t follow our waking and working hours. Forget the random white and yellow light, reminding us our last visit to the dentist. Here is a selection of 8 cool, stylish, well-designed desk lamps full of options and features to keep your indoor or outdoor alighted. […]

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Top 3 Apple Watch Charging Docks Under $100

A new digital revolution has recently started with watches. A few years ago it was computers, then mobile phones, then books and now watches. These new little ‘gadgets’ are slowly becoming a part of our digital lifestyle; hours, minutes, seconds are not just it anymore; now you swipe through emails, you get app notifications and […]

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