Best Wood Accessories For Your Desk

Two days after the largest, most recognisable face of the environmental movement – Earth Day (22nd April), this is the perfect time to look at environmentally friendly desk accessories. Let’s divest from fossil fuels and create new, innovative and sustainable accessories for your desk.

Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable, recyclable and recoverable material and designers have been using wood as a material to create fancy accessories for your desk. Wood is soothing and will always fit well with plenty of accessories you may already have on your desk.

Bamboo wood is also used as another inexpensive, fast-growing, easily available material. Having comparable physical and mechanical properties to the wood, Bamboo wood is a material used more and more for your house and your desk.

1 – Bamboo Wireless Mouse


Smart Tech Bamboo Wireless Mouseir?t=cooldeskacc0d-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0196A6W8I

One of the properties of bamboo is that it is sweat resistant. This is very helpful when you will spend hours working with this mouse. The Bamboo Wireless Mouse is also anti-static, anti-radiation, durable and recyclable so this is the perfect accessory to show off after Earth day. Yes, there is a way to use today’s technology with sustainable material.

2. Bamboo Pen Zen Organiser


Quirky Pen Zen Bambooir?t=cooldeskacc0d-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0196A6W8I

What is more frustrating than looking for a pen when you need to write down something quickly? Don’t waste your time and use a pen organiser. Thanks to this Bamboo Pen Zen Organiser pen, in less than a second, you can pick up your pens, pencils, highlighters and other office supplies. A must for very organised and zen people.

3. Wooden Monitor Stand


Samdi Wooden Monitor Stand

The position of your monitor is very important as it can cause pain in your neck and shoulders if positioned incorrectly. In order to avoid any discomfort, this Wooden Monitor Stand made from bamboo wood will help you to adjust the ergonomic position of your monitor. Can be used for any kind of devices and screens.

4. Wood Duck Sellotape Dispenser


Quack Duck Cellotape Dispenser

We all need a dispenser for our sellotape. This can be a classic plastic dispenser or this nice Wood Duck Dispenser. Made of sustainable rubber wood, this dispenser will add some fun to your desk space. So which one would you choose?

5. Wood Wireless Charging Pad


Wasserstein Qi Wireless Charging Pad

New technologies brought us amazing devices such as smartphones and tablets. But what happen when they run out of battery? We are going back to the stone age. In order to avoid this situation, this wireless charging pad will charge your devices using a QI inductive. What does that mean? It means that you do not need to attach your cable anytime you want to charge your device. Clever.

6. CableBin Lightwood


Bluelounge CableBin – Light Wood

Seeing all these cables behind your desk makes you feel disorganised? The cleaner avoids this area by fear of being electrocuted? This is time to get this cable bin to stow your cables in a safe place, keeping them outside of anyone’s sight. Furthermore, this Cablebin Light Wood does not need a lot of space and looks pretty damn good; no excuse to not buy it.

7. Wood Macbook Stand


Twelve South BookArc mod for MacBook

Desks becoming more and more cluttered, it may be a hard task to store your Macbook in a safe place, without taking any more space from your desk. Another nice and eco-friendly accessory is this modern wood desktop stand for MacBook Air/Pro. Leave it on this Wood Desktop Stand instead of underneath a pile of newspaper.

8. Mobile Phone Wood Stand


Elago Wood Stand for all iPhones, iPad mini, Galaxy and Smartphones

Another type of wood for another very cool accessory. This Mobile Phone Stand made with walnut wood will hold your iPhone, iPad mini and other smartphones with style while you’re eating walnuts. More seriously, this is a perfect accessory to watch a movie, video or skype your friends and family.

Thank you for reading, check out all of our Wood Accessories.


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