Back to School: 7 Quirky Things To Bring To Your Office

Summer holidays are over and it’s Back to School season. For the rest of us, back to work! And nothing is worse than having a messy desk or work area and lacking the necessary supplies when you need to be focused and do your job.


Having a beautiful office area where you can focus and feel comfortable will increase your productivity and decrease your levels of stress. With that in mind, here are seven items that will make your work life much more pleasant.

1 – Pen Zen Bamboo Organizer by Quirky



Pen Zen Bamboo Organizer by Quirky

This lovely little organizer made of bamboo will hold your pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, and other office supplies in place while adding a touch of nature and relaxation to your work area. You can use it two ways: place it horizontally on your desk and stick pens and other office minutiae on top, or you can place it vertically and things will pop out from the side. In addition, it has hidden magnets that you can use to stick paper clips and other metallic things. Talk about convenient storage!

2 – Aqua Desktop Starter Set by Poppin


Aqua Desktop Starter Set by Poppin

Add a pop of color to your office or home study with this beautiful bundle of practical office items, which includes a small but quite strong stapler, a pen holder cup, twelve pens, and a tape dispenser (adhesive tape is included). All your office supply needs in one neat package!

3 – Journal / Notebook / Diary by Scribbles that Matter



Journal / Notebook / Diary by Scribbles that Matter

Are you the kind of person who doodles while talking on the phone? Do you need to take notes to remind you of things to do? Maybe you keep a bullet journal to stay organized, or you want a place to store thoughts and quotes you find interesting. If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this notebook is a great option for you. It’s made with high-quality paper, lined for easier writing and thick to avoid ink bleeding. Use your favorite markers without fear of making a mess!

The elastic will keep it closed, and it has a pen holder on the side. The beautiful leather cover comes in several colors, and the embossed icons add a touch of quirkiness and fun. The pages are sewn for more durability, and it comes with a back pocket to store notes or stickers, and a ribbon bookmark.

4 – Desk Hammock by Fuut



Desk Hammock by Fuut

Sometimes we need a little help to attain proper posture while working. But also sometimes, we just like having a step or an ottoman to rest our feet while working. If you’ve recognize yourself, this hammock is for you. You can hang it by using its two metallic clasps, and the hammock itself is made of cotton canvas and rope – both highly resistant materials. The height can be modified for both “work” and “rest” times, allowing you to have different levels of comfort.

5 – Grass Pens by Worldoor



Grass Pens by Worldoor

Bring a little bit of nature to your work space with this beautiful set of 12 pens. They come in a random array of three natural green colors, which are forest green, spring green and yellow green, giving the whole set a more natural look. They are made of silicone, which makes them comfortable to write with and give you an easy grip. Beware, though, you can’t put them in the earth and expect more to grow!

6 – Laptop Sleeve by Amazon Basics


Laptop Sleeve by Amazon Basics

Protect your laptop when you’re on the go with this soft laptop sleeve. You can use it by itself, as a carrying case, or as an extra protection if you carry your laptop in a carrying bag. Either way, it will keep your computer secure, and the suede interior will avoid scratch marks and dust. This sleeve has two pockets to store smaller items such as flash drives and the like, and another larger pocket where you can stash a small notebook or a tablet up to 8 inches. The sleeve is soft, and it has velcro fasteners to keep your computer from sliding out.

7 – Coffee Mug with Retro Camera Design by Mustard



Coffee Mug with Retro Camera Design by Mustard

Nothing beats drinking your favorite morning beverage in your favorite mug, and if you are a photographer, a community manager, an Instagram addict, or you just like quirky cups, this one could become your favorite! You can also use it to store all your pens and other small things. 

Here you have them, seven accessories for your office or home study. Want to see more of our selection? Just follow this link.


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