8 Color-Changing Lamps For Your Desk

Natural light is definitely the best for your health but unfortunately, the sun doesn’t follow our waking and working hours. Forget the random white and yellow light, reminding us our last visit to the dentist.

Here is a selection of 8 cool, stylish, well-designed desk lamps full of options and features to keep your indoor or outdoor alighted.

1 – Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp



Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

This lamp is made from two lights: an up light and down light to cover the most of the room. You can choose between colors depending on your mood of the day. The lighting can be controlled from your phone and tablet directly. This lamp can also be used as an alarm clock as you can set timers and alarms to play with the light intensity automatically at a set given time.

2 – Sidecar Indoor/Outdoor Lamp


Sidecar Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

This LED ball of 30 cm dimension can be used indoor, outdoor and in the water. You can choose between 16 different colors through the remote that comes with it. This stylish lamp is a must-have anywhere!

3 – Elgato Avea Flare, Portable Mood Lamp


Elgato Avea Flare, Portable Mood Lamp

This egg shaped lamp can be controlled from your phone, tablet or Apple watch, where you can choose the ambiance and color you want the light to be. It is battery powered and can last up to 8 hours.

4 – Silicone Light Ball LED Lamp


Silicone Light Ball LED Lamp

The interesting bit with this one is that you can choose the shape of it: mushroom or ball shape. Thanks to the soft silicone top, you will be able to easily modify its appearance. 8 colors are available and you can easily change from one to another. Another feature to not forget is the timer mode available via the single button placed at the bottom of the lamp.

5 – Philips Hue Bloom


Philips Hue Bloom

This is the lamp for you if you want to create a great ambient atmosphere and be frustration-free. You can control it from your phone or tablet and select the color you prefer among 16 million possibilities as well as set timers and alarms. No batteries are included as it is a plug-based product

6 – Elfy Touch Sensor Portable Lamp



Elfy Touch Sensor Portable Lamp

This cute little lamp is made of silicone and is touch-sensitive, making it easy to switch between its 7 different colors. Battery powered, you can easily recharge it with a USB cable. A great way to release stress as you can press, squeeze or pinch it in any way you like.

7 – Iminovo Mood Light & Speaker


Iminovo Mood Light & Speaker

This one has a Bluetooth speaker integrated and the color can change following the rhythm of the music you are listening to. The light can also be change through its remote control as well as your normal phone and tablet.  Other features are the common alarm clock and the ability of recharging your phone with the lamp’s battery.

8 – Emoi Multicolor LED Light


Emoi Multicolor LED Light

This little mushroom will fit anywhere.  You can switch from the natural light mode (two levels of brightness) to a multicolor light mode with 6 different colors. Really easy to use as you just have to tap the silicone surface to switch modes. You can also carry it easily as the lamp has rechargeable batteries.

Thank you for reading, check out all of our desk lamps.


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