6 iPad Air 2 accessories you can’t miss in 2016


Yes we get it, it’s almost 2017 – but I guess better late than never. The iPad Air 2 being one of the latest creation of Apple, it took us some times to find a good selection of accessories to go with it. Here’s our edit of great accessories to have with it in 2016, hopefully, you like them

1 – Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2


Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 by Belkin

If you want to take your iPad Air 2 with you, it is best if you find a high-quality case to keep it protected from crumbs, dust, scratches and other harmful situations. This case by Belkin is a great choice. It doesn’t just protect your iPad Air 2, it also comes with an integrated keyboard so you can easily transform your pad into a laptop, how useful is that? The case allows you to use the iPad in landscape or portrait mode, whatever is most convenient for you. The keyboard uses Bluetooth technology and you can pair up two devices with it. It is backlit, so it’s easy to type in the dark. The case itself is built with high-quality aluminum, and the best thing of all is that it looks great.

2 – Fine Point Precision Stylus for iPad (and iPhone)


Fine Point Precision Stylus for iPad and iPhone by Adonit

It looks like a pen; it feels like a pen; it even weighs the same as a pen. Yet it isn’t one. This stylus is made to mirror the experience of writing with a regular pen and the thin tip (just 1.9 mm) will give you the accuracy you need to use both your iPad and your iPhone without a hitch. It uses the new Pixelpoint technology, which powers the Jot Script and allows for thin and clear lines when writing. It’s also compatible with many drawing and free writing apps including Penultimate. No more horrible sketches when playing Pictionary with your iPad or iPhone!

3 – SmartShell Case Multi-Angle Viewing

SmartShell Case Multi-Angle Viewing by Setton Brothers

Convenient and classy at the same time, this beautiful hard case will keep your iPad Air 2 well protected while on the go and also act as a tablet stand. Oh yeah it also acts as an on/off switch when you open or close the case. Save batteries; protect your device; use it as a stand both in landscape or portrait mode, and look great at the same time!

4 – iPad Air 0.26mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector


iPad Air 0.26mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector by InaRock

If you have ever cried over a shattered screen, you know real pain. Some devices are fragile, and sometimes we are just clumsy, but the reason is not important, the important thing is that we should take precautions, particularly with expensive devices. Discover the iPad Air 0.26mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector, a bulletproof vest for your iPad. As its name suggests, it’s made of tempered glass. On one side it has a strong silicone adhesive that will attach to your screen flawlessly, and on the other, it has a special silicone coating that will protect it from damage. It also has special anti-oil technology so that your fingerprints aren’t left all over the place. The package includes 2 protectors, 2 cleaning cloths and 2 alcohol tissues to clean the device’s screen before applying the protector.

5 – iPad Air Sleeve Leather Case Cover


iPad Air Sleeve Leather Case Cover by Abestbox

Another great carrying option for your iPad Air 2; this one is made with high-end leather. It also has storage for cards, ID and other important documents. As the SmartShell case featured above, the magnetic closure system also acts as a Sleep/Wake switch. It can be used as a stand in landscape mode, thanks to its smart design; it also has a wrist lanyard for easy carrying.

5 – Portable Bamboo iPad Holder


Portable Bamboo Tablet iPad Holder by Aurotrends

On a video call with friends and you want to show them your most recent purchase? Need to closely follow the instructions in order to make that delicious chocolate cake? Watching a movie and feeling too lazy to hold your iPad? Sometimes we need to use our hands but we still want or need to see our iPad’s screen, like when you are following a recipe or a tutorial, or we are just playing around getting the juice out of our device. Whatever you are doing on the side, this holder will do the trick. Its bamboo body makes it a great choice if you are into a more natural look, and the material itself is durable and resistant, guaranteeing that you will get what you pay for.

As promised, six great accessories for your Apple Ipad Air 2. If you want to see a broader selection of apple accessories, find them here.

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