6 Fantastic Laptop Stands For Your Desk

Whether you have it at your home, at your office or if you are always on the go, if you own a laptop, you should know there are several reasons to use a laptop stand.

Laptops are not supposed to be a stationary tool, and due to that, their design is less than ergonomic. Laptop users are usually hunched over the keyboard and research from the Ergonomics Department of Cornell University shows it can cause neck pain, muscle strain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

But there are other reasons to use a laptop stand, especially if you put it on your lap: the heat your computer radiates is enough to cause discomfort in the mildest cases and even third-degree burns in the most extreme ones. And all that heat? Not a good thing for the hardware, either.

A good, comfortable laptop stand can reduce (or eliminate altogether) your notebook’s heat problems, improve your posture, and help you avoid a string of complications. With that I mind, here are some options you might want to consider:

1 – Satechi Aluminum Unibody Monitor Stand

Satechi Aluminum Unibody Monitor Stand

A beautiful design with a brushed aluminum finish, this sleek laptop stand can also be used as a laptop tray. The space under this Satechi Aluminum Unibody Monitor Stand can be used for storing a keyboard and mouse, simplifying and organizing the space on your desk, while maintaining a clean, functional style while matching the look of your MacBook, iMac, and iPhone. It’s a sturdy piece made of a strong aluminum alloy that holds up to 31lbs, making it safe for your gadgets and ideal for placing a large variety of devices including a computer monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, printer, and other devices.

2 – Bluelounge Kick Flip Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Bluelounge Kick Flip Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Bluelounge Kick Flip Ergonomic Laptop Stand is a great choice if you don’t have enough space in your bag to carry a laptop stand but you still want to enjoy its benefits. Its design is simple yet functional. It elevates your laptop to an ergonomic angle for ease and comfort while working, and eliminates the need to take the stand off and on by staying affixed to your laptop with a high-tech adhesive. Be aware that it needs the bottom of your computer to be slick, and not have bumps or vent holes, for it to stick properly to its surface. You can use it with up to 15” (and slightly larger) laptops. 

3 – Aluminum Laptop Stand by Rain Design


Rain Design – Aluminum Laptop Stand

The mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design is a simple piece of aluminum designed to keep your laptop elevated, cool, and opened at the right angle so you can work without hunching. It comes in two versions, one is fixed and the other has an adjustable base so you can swivel your laptop 360 degrees and you can change the view and easily access ports. The hole in the back will keep your cables organized and your desk decluttered. It’s meant to be used with an external keyboard, but you can play with accessories to find your ideal setup. Originally designed for Apple systems, this stand is compatible with other laptops as well, as long as they’re up to 10.4 inches in depth.

4 – Quirky Spacebar Monitor Stand

Quirky Spacebar Monitor Stand

With a design similar to the Satechi stand, the Quirky Space Bar Monitor Stand is a beautiful white stand that helps you keep an organized desk. Use the space below it to store your keyboard and put your office stuff—such as keys, flash drives, chargers, and other random bits—up top for instant declutter. In addition, the Quirky Space Bar Monitor Stand has six USB ports: Four USB 3.0 ports for high-speed syncing and two high-power USB charging ports to juice up your gadgets in a flash. Talk about convenient!

5 – Amazon Basics Laptop Stand


Amazon Basics Laptop Stand

This laptop stand’s sleek design combines ergonomic comfort with a reduction of heat. It will help you make your workstation an efficient, decluttered space. Its metal frame will raise up your laptop by 6 inches and the compartment underneath it, combined with the hole in the back, will keep your cables, keyboard, and mouse organized and neatly stored. This stand is perfect for 14-inch laptops PCs with depths measuring 9.4 inches or less.

6 – Foxtop Foldable Wood Laptop Stand Dock



Foxtop Foldable Wood Laptop Stand Dock

This universal stand works for all Apple laptops. Made of wooden, durable material, it is smooth, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. The Foxtop Foldable Wood Laptop Stand Dock will help you free up desk space by elevating your notebook off the desk, helping you improve your posture and allowing you to manage cords and store things underneath it. This laptop stand is really useful for people on the go, as it can be folded up when not in use.

So there you have it, six beautiful, functional, stylish and convenient laptop stands that will make your office or home workstation look sleek and organized, keep your laptop cool and diffuse heat, and help you keep your desk organized. You can see our full selection of laptop stands here.


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