Steppie Balance Board Anti Fatigue Mat for Standing Desk

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Some of us don’t like sitting. Some of us actually need to stand instead of spending long periods sitting. That’s when standing desks come into the picture. But standing for long periods isn’t a walk in the park either, and that’s why balance boards and anti-fatigue mats exist. If you’re in the second group, this balance board is for you.

  • Low-impact board that engages your muscles in movement to stabilize them and give you more balance.
  • The soft, side-to-side motions help increase stamina and strengthen your core, back and leg muscles.
  • Improve your posture by achieving the right standing angles.

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Product Description

Sitting for 8 hours every day can cause serious health issues, from varicose veins in your legs, to bad posture, neck and lower back pain, weight gain and excess body fat, organ compression, and some even claim that sitting for too long increases your risk of dying of any cause up to 50%! So we, poor office workers are doomed to a life of…

What? No!

Nowadays there is a new trend in decoration and lifestyle that might be the solution to most of our problems, and that comes in the form of standing desks.

But what is a Standing Desk?

It’s simply a desk with the appropriate height to be used while standing. Think about a painter’s easel or a speaker’s podium and you’ll get the gist of it. This is not a new idea, as these desks were famous among rich families in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ideally, the standing desk height will be comfortable for you to have your screen level with your eyes, and will allow your arms to stay in a 90° angle when using your mouse or keyboard. Also, your standing desk height should be adjustable in case you want to use a tall seat to rest your feet should the need arise.

If you want to join the trend, there are standing desk accessories you should consider getting along with your actual desk, and one of them is a foot rest or balance board. While standing does bring considerable health benefits, extremes are always bad, and standing for hours on end can have negative consequences, too (also, it’s really boring). The Steppie Balance Board by Victor is a great option as it will engage you in soft, low impact movements while you stand. The side to side motions will engage your core, back and leg muscles, tightening and strengthening them, and helping improve your circulation as well. Among standing desk accessories, this board is a great option.

The Steppie Balance Board is a hard surface over a curved bottom and standing over it will force your body to find the correct posture to find equilibrium. It also keeps you from locking your knees which can cause damage to them. It can also be used as a foot rest when combined with a high seat or even an executive chair. All in all, a great addition to your home or office work space!

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