Travelling Bag for Apple Accessories

$10 (as of June 1, 2017, 8:48 pm)

A great traveling bag for carrying Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2. It prevents your keyboard and other computer accessories from getting scratches and from dust. Made by Cosmos alongside other bags.

  • Very portable to be carried all around.
  • Washable and made of durable and high-quality neoprene material.
  • Two different compartments for keeping your accessories.
  • Double zipper closure for easy opening and closing of the bag.
  • Long-lasting and evergreen.
  • Extra pocket at the front for holding chargers, cable, and other accessories.
  • Can fit all 3 Apple accessories.
  • The perfect bag for traveling in style.

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Product Description

Moving around the city or traveling with your MacBook can be bothersome, especially if you don’t have a proper bag. If, like many people, you use an additional keyboard, a mouse and/or a trackpad, you may have realized that if they are not properly stored for the trip they can end up damaged or broken beyond repairability, and to replace them can be quite expensive. To avoid any mishaps, the best you can do is to get an accessory bag.

The reason behind this is that laptop bags aren’t usually designed for specific accessories. They have compartments, yes, but if you own a MacBook and the bag itself was not designed with Apple accessories in mind, then they will not fit properly. You already made an investment when you bought your computer and your accessories, why take unnecessary risks? A good bag for your mouse, keyboard and trackpad will help you protect your investment. Think of it as a sort of insurance.

If you are now convinced you need a travelling bag for your Apple accessories, you need to think about the characteristics it must have. You want a travelling bag that is a sturdy, resistant and well-made that will stand use and abuse through time. All the better if it is made with waterproof or water resistant materials, as it will save you from accidental spilling if you carry a water bottle with you.

You need to make sure that the traveling bag was designed for Apple accessories, and if possible, bring your stuff with you when you buy it. See if your chosen model can accommodate your stuff easily. Check the padding and zippers to guarantee the quality of the accessory bag.

Next, consider the size of your laptop bag. Ideally, it will already have compartments for your accessories, but as mentioned above, they might not be properly stored. Whether your current laptop bag is big or small, a good choice would be a slim, small accessory bag: it will keep your things neatly organized while saving you some space for other things, such as books, notepads, etc.

To help you find the best travelling bag for your Apple accessories, follow these tips:

  • Make sure that it’s made with resistant, durable materials, the lining in particular. You want your accessories to be well protected. If possible, choose a waterproof or water-resistant accessory bag.
  • Check the zippers and closings, if any. You want your bag to last for a long time, and a broken closing or zipper would make the whole thing pointless.
  • Check if there is enough padding to protect your accessories. And while you’re at it, make sure that the inside of the bag is made with materials that won’t scratch your things.

A great option that covers all the previous points is the Travelling Bag for Apple Accessories made by COSMOS. Its slim neoprene body specifically designed for Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 ensures that your accessories fit perfectly in it, protecting them and organizing them at the same time.

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Wireless Phone Accessory




Magic Keyboard & Trackpad






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120, hundredths-inches, 1210, hundredths-inches, 30, hundredths-pounds, 540, hundredths-inches
















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