Wooden Monitor Stand

Made from a bamboo wood and very strong to hold your monitor and other devices. It beautifies your office or home and stand out among the rest. It raise your monitor and makes work easier to do.

  • It can hold 200 pounds of furniture.
  • Enhance your work area with this ergonomic stand, made from lovely Bamboo Wood.
  • The monitor stand works ponders with sitting or standing work areas.
  • Redesigned and built to make it a definitive stand for Apple iMac.
  • Raise your monitor, enhances your stance, and sort out your work area with this ergonomic stand, made front excellent Bamboo Wood.
  • It includes additional space under your screen where you can slide your console, mouse, hard drive, books, and so forth.
  • Sturdy and solid, craftsmanship gives the screen stand a sculptural quality, and plug feel shield your work area from scratches.
  • 100% Brand New, Fulfilled by Amazon in simple to-open bundling.


Product Description

Working for hours on a computer can be killer, because usually your desktop setup will not be ergonomic. Being hunched at your desk can cause neck and back pain, muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and even affect your vision, according to research by the Ergonomics Department of Cornell University.

To avoid these inconveniences, the best option is to get a monitor stand. It will allow you to place your computer monitor at the perfect height to improve your posture but also avoid any health complications, making you more productive and comfortable during your work time.

How to choose a good monitor stand?

  • The first thing you need to consider is your workspace. Is it a big desk or a smaller one? Do you have enough storage room? Think about your habits, too, are you organised and keep everything in its place, or are all your things scattered around your table?
  • How big is your monitor? How much space do you have for a monitor stand? The size of the stand should match the size of the monitor, and it should fit comfortably in your workspace. You can pick a bigger stand, but never a smaller one, or you risk an accident with expensive results.
  • As for the design, this is a subjective matter. The shape, materials, quality and colours are chosen depending on your own preferences, taste and budget. Try choosing neutral colours and environment-friendly materials, which will look good in any space. Wood is durable, resistant, and it looks good in most decors. It can also be recycled or up-cycled when you decide to get a new model.
  • Choose a sturdy, well made stand. Whether your computer monitor is on the light or on the heavier side, you want your monitor stand to be strong enough to support it easily. Monitors are expensive, and investing on a stand for yours is a way of protecting your assets, so pick the material carefully.
  • Usefulness is another key point. You want your monitor stand to be beautiful, sturdy, and of good quality, but you also want it to be practical. If you have enough space, get a stand that provides you with enough space to store things under it when not in use, such as a keyboard, mouse, flash drives, pens, and other random things you have lying around on your desk, it will make your workspace look tidier, and you will remember where everything is.

Why this wood stand is a great choice?

Simply because it covers all of the previous points.  Its beautiful retro design and strong frame will hold your computer monitor in place without risk of toppling or falling, and the cork under it will protect any surface you put it on, while making it slip-resistant. It will fit your iMac and most monitors perfectly. It’s large enough to carry any screen and high enough to store keyboard, mouse and other desk accessories. In addition of its good look, this stand is so strong you could probably step on it without breaking it. One of the best wooden monitor stand for Mac and PC screens on the market in terms of wood quality and overall finish. This particular stand, crafted by Casewarehouse, has amazing reviews on Amazon and costs less than $40. We’ve reviewed and tested several computer and monitor stands and this is one of the best, currently available. A great addition to any desk, at home or at the office, we’re big fan of this one and have exactly three of them for our team. We enjoy the space saved by storing items under it, instead of all over our desks.  Give your monitor the stand it deserves with this beautifully crafted stand.

Wooden accessories are becoming quite popular with their natural look and feel, especially on wood-based desks and we wrote a blog post about it. You can also find our selection of top-quality laptop and monitor stands here.

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